On a happy note....

After more than a month of being out of commission, I finally have my beloved Squier Mustang working again. Why beloved? Well, I really like the short scale stuff for when I am working on jazz exercises and scales. And, a shout out to Lace pickups. I had in my inventory a pair of Lace Alumitone singles waiting for the right project. When I developed a grounding issue with the Mustang, I decided to use them. The problem was, there was no wiring diagram showing these pickups. After a couple very frustrating weeks of searching the web and trying to find YouTube videos, I dropped an e-mail to Lace. They got back to me in a few days, and explained that my pickups which have 4 wires, a red, white, green and a black and white, should not have had the black and white loose for installation. This should have been tucked under the shrink wrap. With the now conventional arrangement of red for signal, and green and white to ground, the pickups began to work properly, and I now have my baby put back together. I tried so many combination with that black and white wire that I had given up. Thanks to Reggie at Lace.

It’s all good when it works out!

Congrats, let’s hear it! I wouldn’t dare mess with my 1971 LP Recording. That thing has some weird electronics… not your standard Les Paul but sounds amazing.