“On Screen” labels to become buttons that act similar to the footswitches

The reason is that I use external microphones to record acoustic instruments. Since the footswitches produce a very loud “click” when depressed, that click is recorded along the acoustic instrument, and can be head in the loop itself… and repeat itself with the loop. If you work with 6 tracks, you start hearing x6 clicks looping… it destroys the experience.

Solution: allow the labels at the bottom of the touch display, to work as silent switches. Instead of using the footswitch, just touch (silently) the respective info-label to activate the start/stop/overdub actions.

It is an important feature, when working with acoustic instruments and microphones in a room. Thanks for considering this for a future update.

To clarify, it sounds like the OP wants the “on screen” labels to become buttons that act similar to the footswitch. Interesting idea.

Exactly! Sorry for my non-nativeness, it’s exactly that! I updated the title.

Interesting thought, we are also looking into solutions using an o-ring to dampen sound! Definitely something to experiment with on your own as well!

Nice! Will this this o-ring solution be available as a retro-fit, for current users? That would be fantastic (but maybe not needed with the touch button actions).

First we have to do some testing, but if we do find a solution we’ll find the best way to help our customers do the same, whether it be buying it from an o-ring vendor, or selling them ourselves.

A midi controller of your choice would also be a workaround. You’d need need a future update of the Aeros that supports all the midi commands…

FYI, I never noticed it, but other pedals that I have are just as loud.