ONE AFTER 909 - BEATLES et al (OPB + Hammond)

Credited to Lennon-McCartney, but in reality, its all Lennon. Written early in their career, they held off recording it until the infamous Let it Be sessions (but there are many bootleg out-takes of it available). Originally MUCH slower, around 120 bpm, Lennon increased it to 181 to accommodate Paul’s harmonies which just sounded better when done faster.

Use Phil Flood’s NP P-Bass & Hammond kit for that Billy Preston sound!

Here it is from the Let it Be rooftop concert …

ONE AFTER (112.8 KB)


The entire rooftop concert is still my favorite Beatles live performance… Nice touch with the Hammond…

Thanks for the song Phil… and +1…

Cheers… :beer:

This is the correct Beatles version
Youtube video on original post is from cover band called Them Beatles.

True… but it’s not a video.