One background track for various parts

Hi, gang. Aeros looks great except I can’t do one basic thing that I can with my Boomerang. I need to be able to create my own background drum-track loop and have it continue playing under different song parts. The absence of this one key feature is the only thing holding me, and quite a few others back. When do you think you’ll be able to provide this functionality? Love to get this thing.

  • Steve

SS has said they are (about to?) start work on the “lock tracks” feature which is what you need AFAIK.

Sounds like it will be in the release after the current beta, but only SS knows.

Hey there, Quad is correct, we are planning on implementing this feature after this upcoming release. Dev is hopeful that it will work, they have already toyed with it and the prospects are there.

We will hopefully be there soon, stay tuned!

Thanks for the update, Brennan. How long do you think before you guys get there, realistically? Are we talking months or next year? Your product looks super sweet. Love to get it when you’ve got this functionality working.

  • Steve

Digital products are always complex, and timelines shift regularly, I cannot tell you more than it is the next thing we plan on releasing.

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