One Beer sounds Flat!

At today’s gig I decided to try the One Drink setting, ide never thought to try it before… so I start first song and record a loop with my Infinity looper… The playback from looper was flat by like… 1/4 semitone or so… I was like WTF is happening!

Made my loops sound drunk!

Anyways, that’s my story.

:cowboy_hat_face: :guitar: :drum: :microphone:

Does the infinity maintain the pitch if you change the tempo of a recorded loop? I thought all the sobriety function was was a tempo randomiser. I assume you have the BB and infinity clock synced using midi.

I have never tried doing that…

Yes - Beat Buddy and ifintity midi synced.

It would work great for a comedy segment where the loop randomly changes tempo and pitch and you try to match the live pitch using a pitch shifter pedal such as a Digitech whammy :grinning: