I forgot who asked for this thinking I had done it before, but I hadnt. Anyway, here it is.

includes Cheat (with hints) and FULL VERIFIED TAB (drop D tuning).
Read cheat carefully for INTRO timing.

ONE (85.8 KB)

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thank you very much !!

Awesome! Does this work with any of the premium drumsets as well without the bass? Is there an easy way to remove the bass? newb question

Here’s a drums one-press (DOP) version. I removed the bass guitar notes (easy to do using a DAW (digital audio workstation). I also transposed one of the Toms to fit the kit.

One_Headlight.sng (12.6 KB)

This will work best with the Standard Pro drum set but I’m not sure that any of the other premium drum sets have the Snare Rimshot (which the Standard Pro does). If you want to use a different premium kit, use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor to move the Snare Rimshot to the Snare and you should be able to use the premium and default drum sets.

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I downloaded this and the standard Pro drumset and the snare sounds like a synth snare???
I also don’t see a snare rimshot anywhere in the editor? Can you please help me get this working? I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ll rework this into my customary DOP, OPB & OPBk versions but in the meanwhile, you can use the NP StdPBass 63-91 kit instead of the Standard Pro and it should give you a much more satisfying sound for the rim shot.

Thanks. I’ll try it out. I hope I didn’t buy the Standard Pro Kit for nothing :slight_smile:

The Standard Pro kit is quite good and you’ll find it works nicely with almost all songs that have been done with it. So I’d say, no, Yaoundé didn’t waste your $. The only issue I found was similar to yours with the synthetic sound of the alt snare. I guess that’s because it’s an electronic snare?

Thanks…that sounds A LOT better! Could you tell how many counts from the start does the down-strumming on the first G chord start? If you start counting 1,2,3,4 right from the start, on what number does the first G chord hit? I read your pdf file but still can’t get the timing right.

I think the pdf cheat sheet was done by Phil (not Flood) to go along with his OPB song. I’m pretty sure I used the same MIDI source file to put the song together as a drums one-press version.

As I checked the MIDI source file that Phil provided, it appears that the guitar starts strumming on the 5th drum beat (following the four-hit count-in).

Thanks I finally figured it out! After the first snare hit, its an 8 count until the first G chord. (The first snare hit counts as “1”)

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