One Horse Town by Blackberry Smoke

Does anyone have a beat for Blackberry Smoke “One Horse Town” ?

One of those hard-to-find MIDI source files. If you can come up with a source file, I can work the song up for you as I really like Blackberry Smoke. I have a source file for one of their tunes but I just haven’t gotten 'round to it yet.

I moved your post to the Beats and Drum Set Requests section as it’s likely to gain more views there.

Here Here! I’ll keep an eye on this as well. I am looking to expand my country/southern rock setlists.

Thanks persist. I appreciate it.

I’m still looking but have not bee able to find a midi yet. I’ll keep looking.


Here’s another song: Everybody Knows She's Mine DOP, OPB

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I just started looking for a beat for this song. To my ears, GM Country 108 S3 using the Standard drumset at 119 bpm seemed to work for me. I deleted the intro and outro and bring the beat after the chorus starts, like they do. I pause the beat for the end of the chorus and the outro. Not perfect, but not bad.

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