One-man band


For those of you soloists and duos that are looking to expand your sound even more, now that you have drummer at your feet, you might consider the Electro-Harmonix B9 organ pedal. I just purchased one and if you’re wondering, it works fine with an acoustic guitar. In fact, in my case, it works great with a 12-string acoustic. Now when I perform “Thank You” or “Your Time is Gonna Come”, I have a Jones as well as a Bonham behind me and “Us And Them” sounds amazing! It really sounds like an accompanying keyboard rather than your guitar going through a filter, as the “keys” switch on and off based on note volume levels. Add to this a guitar-driven vocal harmonizer like the TC-Helicon Harmony Singer and you’ll have a huge sound!


I tried it and sounds pretty cool but only a 1 trick pony and I prefer my roland synth for tons more sounds~jmho


Yeah in my case I was really only looking for 60’s / 70’s organ sounds and only in the background (it’s so easy to over-do the tech :slight_smile: ) The newer model, the C-9 adds more sounds, meletron and others. but I also didn’t want to over-spend and be disappointed. Stones songs like “Torn and Frayed” or “Shine a Light” also sound great with this pedal, as does “No Woman No Cry” , “Breathe”, and “Brain Damage”