One MM switch having intermittent issues - Any fixes? is there a safe way to clean it?

the lower left hand switch/button has been giving me trouble… often needs multiple pushes to activate. Has anyone had issues with these? is there any safe way to clean it or do any at home fix… waiting a couple days for SS to respond. Thanks!

Try some DeOxit or other contact cleaner for electronics.

OK…great… didn’t want to do anything that would do more damage 'til i heard from you!
just around the bottom of the button? It will get inside without having to open up the unit, right?

Use the red thin nozzle to gently squirt a small amount onto the shaft of the switch (beneath the mushroom head).

Exercise the switch several times and see if it makes a difference. Sometimes it takes overnight for the DeOxit to flow downward before it starts working.

If this doesn’t work, contact Support, Hope it’s not a defective switch.