One more TRACK SYNC issue and REDO bug

Bug A: Tracks are out of sync for one chorus after UNDO – REDO.
Bug B: REDO does not work properly under certain circumstances.


  • Mode = 2x2

  • Sync Tacks = Length (same issue with Start & Length)

  • Quantize = Off

  • Mute/Unmute track = Immediate

  • Latest firmware version

Workflow (play it slowly and with less notes then it’s more obvious):

  1. Record 1 bar on track 1 (just count 1 – 2 – 3 – 4)
  2. Record 4 bars on track 2 (=chorus)
  3. Listen how proper it works
  4. Then UNDO track 2 and REDO it after the 2nd bar
  5. Tack 2 is out of sync for the duration of this chorus! Then it’s ok again.

If you press REDO earlier, so that it should restart during the first bar of the chorus, track 2 highlights its recording as expected, however, you cannot hear the sound for the duration of one chorus. Then it’s ok again.

Bug A is not new. We suffer from this for a very long time. No idea when Bug B occurred first.

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Do you try the same with QUANTIZE ON ?

This issue does not occur in Quantize = On mode. The Sync issue remains the same.

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You could try this out on the new beta, I may be incorrect but it may be fixed, we improved the undo/redo, also if you can provide any video of your bugs in the future it is helpful to reproduce and verify what you mean.

Thank you, let me know!

Yes, it works properly with new beta. Thanks.

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