One Press Newbie

Typically, when someone posts a song in a ZIP file it means that they are providing other materials in addition to the *.sng file itself. If we look at one of @persists’s posts (which are pretty comprehensive)

he lists what’s included. The usual things are: the midi source file(s), alternate version(s) of the song and lyric / chord / tab cheat sheets. He also mentions compatible drum kits.

The midi files are included as so someone can use it to create their own version if they want to.

Not all authors list the contents of the attachments but it’s usually fairly clear what’s what when you import the *.sng into BBM.


Thanks … very helpful … so I don’t NEED to import the midi anywhere unless I want to modify it and I MIGHT be able to use an alternate drum kit if I haven’t got the one named. I’m still waiting for my pedal extension too …

One press is 99 percent of my show. To much footwork with my pedals and harmonizer to add other things. I use bass kits too so it’s easier to one press it.

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