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Hi … I’m a Newbie to Beatbuddy … I’m a singing guitarist … I’m not a drummer, I don’t understand drumming
… (I do think they’re awesome people) ! … Whilst I can find my way round the BeatBuddy when practicing, (making lots of mistakes with the timing etc) when i’m doing gigs I would really like to tap the beat buddy and for the drums, fills, transitions and all that other tricky stuff just to play for a complete song start to finish. I understand that folks have put together ‘One Press’ songs on here to do that ? I’ve downloaded a few to see if/how they work … thing is … they don’t seem to work very well at all. Am I missing something ? Not starting them right ? Please give me a clue nice people :slight_smile:

What kind of issues are you having with the 1P songs?

Hi Bluescruise, welcome to the forum!

they don’t appear to play all the way through … am i supposed to stop them ?

I’m not sure I understand: Are you saying they stop before they finish? That would be deeply weird.

nope … they dont appear to stop at all !! … on and on and on …

Ah, okay. I am betting you’re making the 1P songs a “part” in a BB song – right?

So, what happens with “parts” in a BB song is they loop until you transition them to the next part or stop them. What most people do with 1P songs is they make them the intro to a song that has no functional parts. The way to do that is to create a silent pattern – maybe a count with all of the beats set to 0 velocity – and make that pattern the only actual “part” in the song.

The net effect is the song plays the intro (i.e., the entire 1P song pattern) and then starts playing the silent “part.” It will continue to do so until you end it.

Make sense?

Or have I guessed poorly at what you’re doing?

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Thanks for reply Joel … i’m not doing anything other than importing the songs … not changed anything (wouldn’t know how) … i thought the idea was import them … and they would work as ‘one press’ from there ? …

Any songs in particular? Perhaps they’re not set up in the standard One-Press way.

What do the 1P songs look like in BBM? Are they “parts,” or are they the intro? You may have to move them into the intro slot and add whatever dummy part works best for you.

But I feel like we’re on the right track here…


Have a look at With A Little Help from my Friends … i just imported it as is onto a ‘gig folder’ on the card … when I play it on the BB … it doesn’t stop AT ALL … there’s plenty of variation going on all the way … but it doesn’t ever come to an end ? I don’t understand this stuff … the sounds are brilliant … the execution (if you’re not a drummer) is terrible (i’ve got enough things to think about plying a song on stage without trying to remember when to press the pedal for the next drum part in a complex song ) … getting disillusioned now …

Is it on the forum anywhere? I can’t find it

I’ll try find it again …

if not, can you post the file in this thread?


i think from the thread which starts 500+ songs …

The simpleton way of course is to use the accessory pedal to pause the song when you play the last note on your guitar/bass/whatever. You just have to remember your pedal still has this song “on” and you have to switch songs before starting the pedal again or it will start that same song again. What Joe said above is also doable and makes life easier as far as timing is concerned and avoiding messing up on the instrument you play due to inattention to that instrument. If you do not have an accessory pedal, then a double tap on the main pedal during the last measure of the song is another (less) simple option.

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OK …making some slow progress … another newbie Q … i downloaded a bunch of Beatles songs … they use a lot of *NP Ludwig Bass and *NP STAX … are those fancy drum samples I need to purchase or is there a substitute I can swop them for ?? … so much to learn !!

Sorry it’s taken a while to get round to this. The example file you gave is not One-Press unfortunately. It has an Intro, 2 loops and an outro ( top song in the below image). A One-Press will look like the song below it - with the full content of the song in the Intro (or outro, depending on the author’s preference) and a dummy loop (in this case called Null) in the main loop.

To use yours you will need to transition from one loop to the the other at the right time in the song and also double tap to start the outro.

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OK … Thanks … Sorry … I picked a wrong example there ! … just demonstrates how unsure I am with the system. The other thing I’ve realised is that some song assemblies … the ones good people put on here in a ZIP files … have multiple parts when extracted … so a ‘song’ part, a midi part etc … when I try to play those they quite often don’t play properly … Do I have to ‘assemble’ those parts with BeatBuddy Manager ? … Is it because I don’t have the particular DrumKit installed ?? … There was a Billy Joel one ‘You may be right’ … the midi file was a ‘breaking glass’ sound clearly designed as the start of the song … but that didn’t play in BeatBuddy when I imported the song … Any thoughts folks ? Thankyou.