One Shot Parts for Aeros


In response to the OP request, while I’m new to the Aeros, I’ve been looping in live situations for several years. In the few days I’ve spent adapting to the Aeros workflow, I’ve found the UNDO to be very useful in this fashion.

Example, I’ve laid down the rhythm, bass, and chords for Superstition, I can play the “horn” part… let it loop a couple times while I solo over that part, and then press and hold that Rec/Play/Over button and it “undoes” that extra lick.

Maybe a “play once” would be useful if you’re pre-recording your tracks (I always build mine on the fly and trash at the end of every song), but in that case, just build a separate “song part” and you can easily select and queue up the return to the first song part and it will automatically do that when it reaches the end of the bar.

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We are looking into this and may incorporate it with song planning as well, currently we are still going with designs. It is for this reason I will tag #under-consideration

Thanks for all your feedback!

Please tell me what makes most sense, that the Aeros stops after a one shot or that it transitions back to the previous part before it?

What are the must haves for a one shot part behavior?’

Let me know!

Transition to the “next” track where next could be the last one or by some part ordering specified in the song structure or in the part.

We already have a way to play a part and stop at the EOL (via the stop button).

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This would be very useful to me:

  • with a song loaded
  • with the looper stopped
  • with a single midi cc command I could start the looper, play a single part one time until it’s end, and then the looper stops.

After that, with another single midi cc command I could start the looper and play a different single part, one time, and then the looper stops, etc.
Thank you!

Have you considered using CC43 value 1 to start on the press and sending CC43 value 0 on release? Or double tapping the Aeros Play Stop All from a stopped state while stop is set to end of loop?

There is no progress on this as of now and it is an outlier issue at the moment, there are ways to possibly get this behavior otherwise…

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Hey all

Here’s a poll for you:

If parts 2 and 3 are one shot parts and you are currently on part 1.
Then, you transition to 2 (one shot), cancel the transition and go to part 3 (one shot) instead.

Should we immediately go back to part 1 since that was the original, go from 3 → 2 → 1, or bounce between 2 and 3 indefinitely?

  • Go back to the last non-one shot part in sequence
  • Return to the last one shot part(s), and then return to the original non-one shot part
  • Return to the last one shot part, and jump back and forth between those two one shot parts automatically “forever”

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Let me know if this is clear!

Currently, we believe if a part is one shot and you cancel the automatic transition back to previous part, the one shot part will continue looping normally until manually changed/stopped

Also, we believe if a one shot is transitioned into, it should transition back to the previous part automatically

That’s an odd edge case. Is there a practical case of two sequential one shots? Why not record the second one that has what you did in the first?

Not sure there’s a right answer for everyone, but not sure how I’d use the one shot in this way.

I really appreciate your openness to feedback for this feature!

It is interesting that you view the ‘one shot’ implementation as a specific type of part.

The idea I had is that ‘one shot’ is a command that can be executed against any loaded part and specifies how that part will start and stop when that command is given.

Since the idea I had for one shot behavior was “start playing the part immediately upon receiving the command” the idea of “cancel” would make no sense, as the part would always be playing immediately no matter what state the Aeros had been in before. Once that one shot command is given, you would really only have the options to:

  1. wait for the '“one shot” to stop play on its own at the end of the part (default ‘one shot’ behavior)
  2. “stop” play immediately with a stop command (already available)
  3. OR switch to another part immediately (already available)

If you approach ‘one shot’ as a type of part, you need to reconcile the behavior of ‘one shot’ parts and ‘non-one shot’ parts.

If you approach ‘one shot’ as a start/stop behavior that applies to any part, you only need to follow the existing rules for parts, plus the new rules for ‘start/stop’ for one shot commands.

The idea of ‘starting’ a new part automatically when a one shot part ends (simple looping?) is somewhat meaningless in this case as a user would simply not have started the part as a one shot to begin with. In the case that someone unintentionally started a part as a one shot and then decided to not end the song, they could cancel the stop command, which I believe is also already available.

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For the MIDI implementation I think it need be no more complicated than this:

CC:113 Transition description CC Value detail
Change Part (Aeros Only) 101-106 Value 101-106: Begin the transition to part (part # = value # minus 100 , so value 102 is part 2) according to the Change Part setting (Immediately/End of Measure/End of Loop). If the part doesn’t exist in the song, the Aeros will ignore the command. This allows you to send a single on-press command for changing parts. This also allows you to switch the part on the Aeros without switching parts on the BeatBuddy (which ignores values 101-106) when they are on the same channel and being controlled by a MIDI controller. This command can start the Aeros from a stopped state. 4.1.2
Oneshot Part (Aeros Only) 111-116 Value 111-116: Transition to part (part # = value # minus 110 , so value 112 is part 2) IMMEDIATLY and START if not in a running state, with STOP at end of part already triggered. If the part doesn’t exist in the song, the Aeros will ignore the command. This allows you to send a single on-press command to one shot a part. This command will start the Aeros from a stopped state and stop the Aeros from a running state (at the end of the selected part). 5.x….

The implementation of “one-shot” only really makes sense with regard to MIDI.
With the limited number of buttons on the Aeros, there would be no alternative to “tap-dancing” to achieve a one-shot no matter how you implement it with the Aeros buttons.
Unless you dedicate one physical button to being either a ‘one-shot button’ or ‘make this part a one-shot button’ a user would have to tap-dance or bend down to touch the unit to get a ‘one-shot’ capability.

I do like the idea of “play track as one shot and return here”, but most of the time when I record a one shot, I know it’s always going to be a one shot and it usually would sound odd if it looped. I want it to go back after I record it (after I press play) and not worry about that (so now you need a second midi button for your approach).

Often the one shot is a quick bridge which is a busy time with two transitions to play over. No time to worry about the one shot nature of it all the time

One advantage of marking the part as a one shot is you never have to worry about pressing a special button after that.

We haven’t heard how/when the part is made a one shot yet. That will be an important make or break part of how well this works.

I can see the need for both approaches (the part is a oneshot or the next part is treated as a one shot).

I could live with this being a midi only feature, but I’d like to see a way to handle this on the Aeros alone. Adding this to the play menu would be ok if there’s no way for it to be on a button or that is a tradeoff, etc.

In addition to whatever Aeros implements today, I’d love to see it evolve into a song structure that you can setup in advance, but that’s for another thread with lots of implications for the design and usage. Seeing one shots gives me hope…

I suspect the best answer to the OP is a setting per song that controls this.

But I doubt most people need/expect more than go back to last looping part (and if the oneshot was the first played after a stop, then stop).

Implemented in beta 5.2.0!

We have a little fun spin on it, read more here:


Great news! This is the one feature I was really missing on my Aeros and it will save me some brain cells. Any idea when 5.2.0 comes out of beta?

We are currently working on a new beta version to replace 5.2.0 currently being tested internally, and this should be out very soon.

Thanks for the question