One Shot Parts for Aeros


In response to the OP request, while I’m new to the Aeros, I’ve been looping in live situations for several years. In the few days I’ve spent adapting to the Aeros workflow, I’ve found the UNDO to be very useful in this fashion.

Example, I’ve laid down the rhythm, bass, and chords for Superstition, I can play the “horn” part… let it loop a couple times while I solo over that part, and then press and hold that Rec/Play/Over button and it “undoes” that extra lick.

Maybe a “play once” would be useful if you’re pre-recording your tracks (I always build mine on the fly and trash at the end of every song), but in that case, just build a separate “song part” and you can easily select and queue up the return to the first song part and it will automatically do that when it reaches the end of the bar.

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We are looking into this and may incorporate it with song planning as well, currently we are still going with designs. It is for this reason I will tag #under-consideration

Thanks for all your feedback!

Please tell me what makes most sense, that the Aeros stops after a one shot or that it transitions back to the previous part before it?

What are the must haves for a one shot part behavior?’

Let me know!

Transition to the “next” track where next could be the last one or by some part ordering specified in the song structure or in the part.

We already have a way to play a part and stop at the EOL (via the stop button).

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This would be very useful to me:

  • with a song loaded
  • with the looper stopped
  • with a single midi cc command I could start the looper, play a single part one time until it’s end, and then the looper stops.

After that, with another single midi cc command I could start the looper and play a different single part, one time, and then the looper stops, etc.
Thank you!