One specific pitch bass note keeps ringing out on Drum + Bass kit

Hi all,

I’m stuck with the following issue:

I have a drum + bass kit (based on the BB Standard Pro kit) where I have a specific pitch (G1) bass note ringing out after the midi part has finished - I tried the song file with different drum + bass kits where it plays as intended - so, it can’t be the midi part (?) … it must have something to do with the kit itself because it seems to play as intended on other drum + bass kits … these kits unfortunately don’t have the percussion section which I require else I would be using them …

Anyone else experienced this issue & what would you recommend to get rid of this very annoying issue?

Many thanks in advance.


Is it the NP Standard Pro Bass kit?

You should be able to fix the issue by opening the kit in the Drum Set Maker, comparing and changing the G bass note settings to match another bass (that plays properly) note’s settings.

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Hi @persist ,

Thanks for your quick response.

Yes - it is indeed the NP Standard Pro Bass kit … I’m unfortunately a bit of a newbie with regards to midi note manipulation … when I assembled the kit I used the edit drum set command to edit the bass note in question (see attachment) which made no difference :frowning:
!g: … is this the drum set maker you’re talking about? If not - can you please point towards it? Which note settings could affect this behaviour?

Many thanks in advance,

I think we’ve resolved this and waiting on user to confirm.

Yes indeed - it has been resolved indeed :laughing:

The problem was one of the instrument representing the rouge bass note was still set as “Percussion” rather than “non-percussion” …

Many thanks @persist for your prompt support & in spotting the error …


Happy to have helped.

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