Question about controlling the loop in an OPB song

Hi @persist , I have another question regarding OPB’s … is there a way to tell the BeatBuddy to stop after completing the main loop without the need to press - in my case with the Midi Maestro - Pause & then stop to prevent the OBP automatically starting again.
In anticipation of waiting for the Auto Pilot feature I organised my OPB’s as follows:

  • Main Beat >> the full OPB
  • additional beat >> solo loop (i.e. 8 bars of the main loop)
  • Outro Beat >> remainder loop of full OPB starting from Solo loop until end of OPB …

Just want to also be able to run only the main loop completely & stop without the automatic re-start …

Hope I’m making sense :smiley:


I think I understand what you’re asking. If you’re using the remote foot switch (RFS), you can program it so one switch pauses/unpauses and the other takes you to the Outro Fill. If you don’t have the RFS, I think you can program the Maestro to do the same thing but I haven’t tried it since the RFS does everything I need.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, follow up. I’m sure there are probably better and more experienced answers than mine.

Hi @persist, thanks for your prompt response - you may have understood me wrongly - what I meant was if I press only once to start the OPB and it stops after it has completed its loop I. e. not as currently continously restarting…

Afraid I may still not understand your setup. This is what I’m thinking; the Main Drum Loop is the jam portion of the song and plays until you tap the remote foot switch to advance to the Outro Fill.

Other than this (you can probably use the MIDI Maestro to achieve the same thing) however, I do not think the loop would end automatically and advance to the Outro without human intervention.

If it isn’t, could you post a screen shot of what you have in mind?

Cheers @persist - that is kind of how I set up my OPB’s as well (see jpeg) … with the Midi Maestro I typically start the main loop until I switch (next part) to the soo section - going round as long as I have ideas to solo over & then then I switch the outro (stop) which runs a loop from the solo section to the end of loop & stops automatically.

I was hoping that I could run the main loop (which is the full loop) with just one click to start to finish - ending without another press to stop - currently it will start immediately again & again once the main loop has finished unless I press pause & stop with my MM .