One Way Out OPBk re-up - Blues - Allman Brothers, Sonny Boy Williamson

Uses NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRp.

Includes: .sng, chords and lyrics, original midi.

It’s a little tough to follow, but it’s there, you can get it. I did it at 100 bpm. I have seen it faster, so feel free to kick it up it you want to. 115 is probably about right.

Download Here

Hi Phil, would you mind telling me what beat you used for this? Thanks in advance.

Its not from any beat on the BB. It’s taken from a midi arrangement.

Allman Brothers - One Way (71.6 KB)

Unzip, and combine all the drum parts into one track, and that’s what I used for the drums.

Thanks so much Phil for your response.