only 2 beats out of time

I’ve been practicing a whole stack of stuff, mainly my new digital accordion and getting the hang of making walking bass swing lines sound acceptable.
Therefore my time on BB is purely personal and no one except maybe the neighbours and the wildlife in the garden can hear. Have been starting at the beginning of the real book and playing through until I have to eat or pee.

What started of as a mistake is now becoming a BB technique on less rigid swing stuff…Start the BB on beat 3 (of 4) runs it 2 beats out, and have all the fills crossing the bar and ending with a splash on beat three instead of beat one.
Does not always sound good, but it breaks up the monotony of the regularity of a fill always ending in the same place with a crash cymbal.
However diverse the BB fills all are, if they all finish at the same point it starts sounding like the machine it is.
I’m endeavouring to make the drums not sound like a machine, hence why I bought the BB in the first place.

In the future when I have a little less on my plate and can spend some time really exploring the potential of BB in a jazz/swing setup, I’ll look at inserting 2 or 6 beat fills (in 4/4) just to introduce the offset.
Not sure if BB is hip to that sort of thing happening, but I certainly am.