Only right side of singular sound footswitch functions

I purchased the beatbuddy and then I purchased a used footswitch from a dealer. I connected the footswitch, insert the cable into the beatbuddy, and ran the setup for the footswitch. At first only the left side worked, and the cable that came with the switch would only go in part way into the beatbuddy. I got one of my cords with stereo ends and plugged it into the beatbuddy and it went in fine, but with a little resistance. After that I put the beatbuddy cable in and set up the footswitch but only the right pedal functions. I can do anything with right pedal but no matter how many times I try the left pedal does nothing. Is it a problem with beat buddy or the footswitch.

Hard to say. Given that you got the left and then the right side to work on the remote foot switch (RFS), I’m guessing that your TRS patch cables are still the source of the issue. You can open the RFS and test the switches and the jack for continuity with an ohmmeter. When depressing the switches, do they make a loud click as in latching type?

Thanks. After getting the left to work initially, it stopped working, and so I only get the right side to function. They do make a loud click if depressed but the left is hard to press down and it makes a louder sound.

If you have one or more latching switches (or a mix of latching and momentary) in the RFS, it could be a problem.

From what you described in your 1st post though, I still think it’s a dodgy TRS cable.

You can open the RFS and see if there’s anything obviously wrong. The other option is to get a refund from where you bought the RFS.