Onsong and bb

hye everyone i would like to synchronyze my songs in onsong with bb but i ’ m not a genious in programation midi so is there a way to have something easier May be onsong & bb can work together ? :rofl::cowboy_hat_face:

What exactly are you looking to do? Using on-song, I’m able to bring up a song and connect via bluetooth to bring up the proper Beatbuddy song/beat/tempo. Is that what you mean?

In fact i would like to search a song in my onsong application and directly with his name connect the bb ! I know it’s possible but it seem complicated when you have 300 hundred songs to do code for each one . I don’t know if i 'm clear, i’m french and i don’t kow if my english is good enough :rofl:

That’s how I use it. I call up a song and it automatically brings up the BeatBuddy drum beat, drum set and the right tempo.

It’s not complicated once you do it a couple of times but it does take some work. However, it’s totally worth it. Here’s a link that can help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU9R8Z2web4

Bon chance!

thank’s a loti look at the video !!!

OH exactly what i want i need to buy the yamaha md-bt01and try it. It looks in my possibilities:rofl: thanx again !!! Do you use it for gigs ???

Yes - works great!

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I have been using Bluetooth LE controlling arranger performance numbers with Songbook+ App for 5 years now. When I got the Beat Buddy, with Quicco Mi.1 midi over Bluetooth, was able to select a particular folder number. I find OnSong a bit more complicated, but works the same results…

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OnSong and BB are an absolute match made in heaven, and the automations you can achieve with MIDI are brilliant.

There is a clicky-GUI way in OnSong to do MIDI, but here is a much easier way.
Edit your song in OnSong and add something like this in the top section:

{midi: 0.3:5@9}

{midi: 0.[folder]:[song]@[midi channel]}

Since midi works with numbers that start with 0, and humans like to start at 1, we just need to remember to always subtract one from the number we want.

For example:

If you would like your BB to choose the 3rd song in the 2nd folder, and your BB is set to MIDI channel 9, then:
{midi: 0.1:2@9}

If you would like your BB to choose the 11th song in the 6th folder, and your BB is set to MIDI channel 1, then:
{midi: 0.5:10@1}

Another essential is to set the tempo

Hope this helps!

Hye Reuben yes it helps me I understand for the folder & the song but I need explaination for the midi channel do you always chose the same one for BB or is it changing ?? Ithink in the video they chose a programationIN ONSONG OR BB? to channel zero or one I don’t remember ?

Sorry for slow reply :grimacing:
The BB should be set to listen on just one midi channel. In my case it’s channel 10, but it doesn’t matter which you choose.

For example, in my OnSong the midi commands for BB are all always on channel 10, every time.

The reason for that is we could daisy chain lots of devices on one midi bus and configure them all to listen on different channels. In my setup the BB listens in channel 10 and my VoiceLive3 listens on channel 1. So the VoiceLive3 will ignore messages intended for the BB and vice-versa.

oh coool i ‘m as rapid as you for my reply :rofl: will try to test this in a few days or weeks thank’s for the help and keep on playin’