OnSong and MIDI volume CC format [SOLVED]

Hi All,
Could someone please tell me what the MIDI command format is for setting the volume per song via OnSong to the Beat Buddy?

I thought
where CC108 is the control change message for volume
and 50 in this case would be 50% of volume.

Any help is appreciated!!!


Do you have it enabled in the pedal settings?

I am already doing MIDI commands to change songs via:
MIDI: 0.9:2 (or whatever)

Point being, is there another MIDI option I need to enable for CC messages???


Okay I figured my problem out…
The format for OnSong to adjust a songs volume via MIDI is:
There should be NO space after the colon (which is what I actually had)!!!
So just for a FYI
CC108:XX <-this is the control change message to adjust volume and the XX represents the percent of volume level.

I feel better now :slight_smile: