OnSong and PUC+

Anyone having trouble getting their PUC to work with OnSong and the Beatbuddy? I can get a wired MIDI connector to work, but not the PUC. I can get the PUC connected to the iPad, but the Beatbuddy does not respond to OnSong. Any help would be appreciated!


Well, the Puc+ works very well with the BeatBuddy and OnSong. First of all make sure the puck software is configured right.
Do you have the Puc+ software in the OUT position?
Is the MIDI channel on the OnSong set to the same MIDI channel as the IN on the BeatBuddy?
Do you have the MSB and LSB set right on the OnSong? The MSB is set to 0 (Zero)
The LSB is the folder the song is in and the first folder is (0) Zero
The program is where the song is in the folder. Remember the first song always starts with 0 (Zero)
Are you settting the Control Command to 32?
If this is something you are new too, it can be tricky, but it is easy once you get the hang of it

I have the Puc+ with the beatbuddy and onsong,can you explain step by step in the onsong what to do because it does not seem to work for me.Thanks