Onsong, Bandhelper, Etc

Is anyone using Onsong or Bandhelper? I’m interested in using an app to store set lists, lyric and chord sheets, etc and I know these two apps (and perhaps others) also work to control some BeatBuddy functions. I’m completely puzzled by MIDI, so I’m not sure I’ll figure out how to use that capability, but the other features seem like they would be very useful. Any recommendations on either of these apps or perhaps something else? I think it could be a great benefit over all the pdf files on my iPad. Thanks!

Hello Sgiere58 I use Setlist maker from Arlo which is pretty similar to OnSong or Bandhelper.It these apps are so usefull and powerful that I personnally don’t understand why It’s not being used by everyone that makes music. I would strongly advocate that you make the move to one of these apps.
If you are a newbie with Midi you might have to do some research at first but it is pretty straightforward and you’ll want to walk before running. as you get more familiar to midi you will want to do more with it. …For my part As I select a song on my tablet my app sends the info to the beatbuddy (BPM, Drumset, song) and all preset (modulation, delay, reverb) to my midi controllable devices and Aeros loopstation. everything is in sync with the BPM I am playing the song. It’s efficient and I have the same sound time after time. but let’s get back to basic… you want to access the song 3 in the folder 1(blues) on your BB. for that you will need to send 3 info to the BB. MSB LSB and PC . MSB:0 LSB:0 PC: 2 that’s it. now let’s say that you want to access the folder 5 (country) and the song 5 . in this senario the MSB : 0 LSB: 4 PC:4. so you should by now understand that MSB value is not considered and will always be 0, the LSB value determine the folder number and PC value determine the song. Midi start with value 0 this is why you need to send the value 4 to access the folder 5. Easy. Have fun

I use SongBook by LinkSOFT on my tablet. I can embed MIDI commands for BeatBudy song, and other gear so when you go to the song in the app the midi commands get sent. Makes live shows so much easier and no more bending down or tap dancing between songs.

Thanks Yeap, I’ll check it out.

Thanks Tangozabra. I’ll look at that one too.

I’m an OnSong user. In fact, OnSong is the reason I bought my first iPad many years ago. My band used to use a book of charts and we would move the pages around to create sets. OnSong eliminated all of that hassle. The three of us now each have an iPad and use OnSong for everything. I also have used OnSong to program sets for the BeatBuddy with songs and tempos. It does take a bit of understanding MIDI to master the process, but it’s not hard. I think that many people are afraid of numbers, but if you get over that and follow the process, it works really well. Though we can easily share charts, the one thing still lacking in OnSong is the ability to share set lists with each other. We each have to make our own set list. I think OnSong’s premium level (monthly payment) now has that feature, but we haven’t had enough gigs lately to justify the cost.


Thanks KeysDog. Onsong is on my short list.

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I use and love OnSong. Started using it years ago and it was an incredible and worthwhile change. It does take a little front end work to load all the songs in to the iPad but I now have a set list of about 700 songs ready to go.

For the BeatBuddy, I have things set up so when I choose a song, it automatically goes to the proper beat, kit and tempo. There are some good videos to make it easy. That’s how I use it currently.

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I use forescore for years, For each song I make a beatbuddy song (with name, bpm and drumkit) and store it static folders (I started once sorting in folders from A to Z, new songs go at the end of the folder). By doing so all songs have fix midi commands. In forscore each chordsheet has a midi command to call up the beatbuddy song. In forescore i make my songlists, BB song positions have to be untouched. Lately I added a stop command for each, so I dont have to double tap on the BB. Connection is by yamaha bluetooth dongle.

Thanks Bootsy–I’m going to check out the video tutorials. Very interested to see how to apply them to my needs.

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Thanks Frank-OI. I looked into ForScore but thought it was more for actual sheet music, scores etc vs lyric and chord cheat sheets. I’ll take another look.

It’s great to hear what you other music guys are using and compare notes. I use the ‘Songbook Pro’ app as it’s simple to use. It holds all my songs in an alphabetical list and it’s easy to upload ( I use pdf format). It also allows me to put songs into set lists for specific gigs. Like some of the other apps it has various ‘bells and whistles’ which I won’t list as you can look them up for yourself to see if they meet your requirements. It has an auto-scroll facility and it has a foot pedal facility so I use an AirTurn foot pedal to flip between songs hands free during gigs. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Appreciate the input rudeau…