Onsong bb

After i started using onsong to select and start songs on bb , i noticed that my opbs start again immediately after finishing the song. I use Opb in intro and a null in main loop. Before use onsong to that this wasn’t happen.
Is there any fix to that??

Maybe it works better when you put them in the outro instead of the intro, just a guess.

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just remembered, you’ll have to tapp twice to get it playing

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In fact Starting is not the problem. Tthe problem is when the song is finished it is strating automatically

I’d agree with trying the outro. Maybe the midi signal keeps being sent triggering it to start again

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Whats is outo??

Typo. Outro

You mean put the opb in outro? But it is needed somethinh on main loop to.play

Correct. You put an empty loop in the main loop

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Iv trid this on BB manager but this way the son doesn’t play

did you press twice to start it? like I wrote when the song is in the outro you’ll have to press 2 times to start it as if you were ending the song

It should look like the above screenshot.

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This way doesn’t play

If you want to send me the song, I’ll take a look.

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No, i press one time to start…the problem is not to start

The bug is not with 1 song especially…i tried with several songs and doest work. If put a opb in outro and a null in main lopp the song doesn’t play on BBm as on pedal

I think it is something related with mid setup

Likely -
I have my OnSong set up so when I select the song, it brings up the track within the BeatBuddy. Then I just start the song and it plays through. I’m happy to take a look if you either send me the song or a pic of your file within OnSong

My set up is exactly the same. You menas send you a file os onsong lyric??

It starts perfectly bur when the song finishes it starts again