OnSong, BeatBuddy, Boss VE-500 via MIDI

Is anyone using a setup similar to this? Does it work, at least theoretically?

I would like to send MIDI commands via OnSong (iPad) to a BeatBuddy and a Boss VE-500. Would like to do it via Bluetooth Midi to BB (connected to the BB Midi dongle), then (with a standard Midi cable) BB Midi out to VE-500 Midi In.

“Simple setup”: Ipad-- BT MIDI – BB MIDI IN – BB – BB Midi Out (cable)-- VE-500 Midi In.

I would like to send “simple” commands from OnSong, like “Change Song in BB”, and “Change preset effect” in VE-500, and go. Occasionally there could be a tempo change sent to BB.

I have read conflicting info about this. I just want to simplify things, like, select my song on OnSong on iPad, and all the necessary changes to occur in BB and VE-500 at the same time, without bending down. Also, if it is possible, to do it with only a receiving BT Midi dongle (like WIDI or Yamaha) and a regular cable as connections, nothing more. This means the BB would receive all commands from the iPad and “relay” or “let thru” the command(s) for the VE-500, via the same chain, via the cable…

Wiser minds, I invoke you, hehe. Hopefully it can be done. Better yet, someone is already doing this :slight_smile: .

Thanks in advance.


I am doing exactly this. My setup is: Onsong, BB, Ditto X4 looper, Line 6 HX effects, Yamaha BT01 (and in de midi-loop also a custom build Arduino midicontroler and modified Behringer FCB1010)

I made (Mac/linux shell script) a script that builds a list of all songs in the BB (SONG-folder), then converts this list to a textfile for each song containing the midi-code needed to activate the right song on the beatbuddy and also activate the right settings on the Line 6.

(sorry for the late reply but I hardly ever visit the forum)

Greetzz, Ronnie

Thanks @Voodoo. Interesting bit about the script. Was it hard to program? (Also got Mac). I mean, is it very “your specific computer and they way you have it set up”, or would it work with the adequate modifications on any computer?

Uuhh well I made it for personal use and I’m not a programmer. But I guess it could be for anyone and/or you just could modify it to fit your needs.

Oh, WOW. Very generous of you to share your hard work. Thanks a lot @Voodoo . Will study it and modify to see how it goes with my system. Greatly appreciated.

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Somehow the ‘greater than’ and other characters were replaced by my texteditor so here is a link for a BB-edit file. This also is a newer script-version than the previous download link.

sorry for this …

greetzz, Ronnie


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