OnSong controlling beat buddy and aeros midi issues I ran into

So let’s start with the setup
OnSong via usb to beat buddy then beat buddy out to Aeros. OnSong is also connected via Bluetooth midi to my mixer (to control reverb and echo effects)
Mixer is midi channels 1 - 3 beat buddy is midi channel 10 and Aeros is midi channel 11

Beat buddy is set to merge midi output to channel 11 and accept midi input on channel 10

OnSong sends program changes to beat buddy to select the beat and tempo
Beat buddy syncs to Aeros and sends all the required midi sync and cc commands

Loops are saved on Aeros but each file starts with a number
Aeros is set to show in alpha NOT last used order (by adding numbers in file name I preserve the file order)

Onsong sends the following
cc35 0 channel 11 to select song select screen
Cc36 0 channel 11 to scroll down the song list (as many times as needed)
Cc36 2 channel 11 to select the song (also takes Aeros to loop screen)

Everything works except for two issues

With beat buddy in merge and Aeros output connected back to iPad I see cc106 and cc107 sent over and over to channel 9 (solved leaving the return unplugged)

Beat buddy still sends the transition cc to channel 1 hence does not transition the looper (I have no work around as my mixer has to use channels 1-3) leaving the return unplugged also stops this transition cc from messing up my mixer settings on Chanel 1

As far as I can tell both beat buddy and Aeros are on the very latest firmware.

I hope this is helpful to some people and that the developers read this to see how some basic bugs have a negative effect on user’s experience.

As for now I can use it like this and I guess I can manually transition my loops when needed and I personally can live with unplugging the return midi. I look forward to song select pc midi as writing 10 or more cc36 0 commands gets old very fast :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: