OnSong controlling BeatBuddy Works 1st Folder Set List but not any other Folders?

Hi All,

I’ve setup beat buddy to respond to set lists in Onsong.

Benefit is just go to set list and as you swipe left right to next song, gets The Drums kit, Tempo and song all in one go.

here’s useful URL:

How to setup Beatbuddy and Onsong for Sunday Setlist


Currently works great of Fist Set list but doesn’t work on another other Folder set list after 1st Folder
My Question is is this possible ?

Thanking you in advance.

Andy Ray

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Hey Andy,

Are you using the MIDI command in Onsong to select songs? If so, for example, the 1st song in the second folder on my BB contains this command:

MIDI: 0.1:0

In MIDI, you subtract one fro all numbering. For 1, you use 0. So in this command, I am telling OnSong, "hey Onsong in my first group of 128 folders, (the first 0) select folder #2 (the 1). Then get me the first song in that folder (the final 0).

Similarly, the second song in my 4th folder contains this command:

MIDI: 0.3:1

Again, 1st group of 128, 4th folder, 2nd song.

If you are using another method of entering the midi tracking data, then I can’t help.


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Hi Phil,

Yes that’s the method I’ve been using, works on first folder.

in OnSong access by Meta Data

select MIDI :

Type: Program
Channel: 1

Program: 1- Acoustic Grand Piano (default MIDI names - the number is what were interested in (First song in Folder …. then seq goes up)

Same settings for: Receive

So sounds right midi logic your using Phil.

Will try again.

Using OnSong on iPhone clipped to a Mic iPhone Unit clamp, is great to just swipe through songs on a set list.

This will be good to crack as if you play solo, in a duo and a band there will always bee different set lists.

Thank you so much Phil. Got my weekend home work.

P.S. Everything works great with all your Drum Kits and Song patterns using 32 Gb SanDisk Extreme card.

Military level SAS cards, really fast access.

Kind regards Andy.