OnSong - I must be missing some setting somewhere

I have about 100 songs in my OnSong app. Almost all of them are from Folder #2 on my Beat Buddy. I have been able to get OnSong to change tempo while a song is playing, so I must have the bluetooth connector properly enabled. I have also been able to get OnSong to respond to scroll up and scroll down commands from my Blueboard. But, I can’t seem to get OnSong to change a song.

I have tried with two songs in Folder two on the Beat Buddy. On Song 1, I entered the metadata command MIDI: 0.1:0, on song 2, I entered MIDI : 0.1:1. When I change between the songs in OnSong, nothing happens in the Beat Buddy. The metadata is in the header, immediately after my Artist line. Ex.:

All of Your Love
The Rolling Stones
MIDI: 0.1:1
Time: 4/4

My apologies for being an old noob, but where might I be going wrong? What setting should I check? Does anyone just have a simple walkthrough set-up that goes setting by setting to get me where I need to be?

I also have sent a message to the OnSong folks. Thanks in advance for any help.

You are light-years ahead of me on using this stuff, Phil, as I only got my MIDI interface today. I was able to get my OnSong to change songs and tempos from my iPad by following the instructions in post #10 of this thread:


The only thing I see different with yours is that you haven’t enclosed your meta-tags in the “{ }” brackets. Not sure if that is what is doing it, or not, since I always try to enclose mine in those. I had some trouble getting mine to work when the first meta-tags preceding the MIDI command weren’t exactly right.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, the bracket idea did not solve the problem. I’ll see what the OnSong folks have to say. I paid the extra $2 for priority support, so let’s see what that gets me.

Here’s what I do:
Hold the title of the song so “midi events” appears
Press the + button
Hit Program selection
Put in a Bank number (MSB and LSB) - (Your example would be MSB = 0, LSB = 1)
Select a Program number (Your example 1)
Click Done.

This video link helps:

I have some commands that I use within the tex but I won’t be able to get to it for a bit. You’re also way beyond what I do with OnSong so you may have already tried it.

I have tried those “press here” to add MIDI commands in OnSong and they seem to work. There is a “Test MIDI command” button you can try them with." The only problem I have with them is they don’t seem to add any text to the file that I can see. Maybe they are there, and I just don’t know where to look. The problem is that if I go back weeks or months later, I have no idea why some MIDI event is happening without paging through those button presses, which is OK but kind of slows things down, versus just looking at a line of MIDI commands.

@Bootsy.Thanks. That’s where I started. I think the problem has to be a setting issue in the BB or in OnSong, as I can set tempo, and I can get an iRig Blueboard to scroll up and down. What I can’t do is change a song. Weird. Still no reply from OnSong. i thought it might be an issue with beta firmware, but I downgraded back to 1.85 and still no luck. Guess I’m getting too old. For now, I’ll just use paper.

Solved. Secret setting in some developmental versions of BB firmware. I thought that might be it.