Onsong plays Beat Buddy Part Late

Hi all,
Hoping somebody has seen this before and has some insight on how to fix it.

Overview of set up:
iPad running Onsong as the midi master
Beat Buddy set as midi slave
Create a text based song in Onsong and create the different song sections… i.e. Song Title, Intro, verse, chorus, etc…

~ Configure the song title section in Onsong to send midi commands at song load to the Beat Buddy:
~ Onsong sends Beat Buddy Tempo CC 106/107
~ Onsong sends Beat Buddy Song Select PC
The above works perfectly at song load and the Beat Buddy sets the tempo and loads the correct song.

Configure the Intro Section in Onsong to start play on the Beat Buddy. When Onsong is scrolling it hits the Intro section and the Beat Buddy starts right up. That appears to work.

This where the issue occurs….

When I configure the Chorus section in Onsong to trigger an exclusive transition (CC 121 - set to 127 for Next Part) (Tried with and without a CC 121 with value of 0) to switch the Beat Buddy to play that part, it doesn’t trigger it when it’s supposed to. It’s about a measure or two late.
No idea why it’s not tracking in time with the Onsong song sections that are sending midi commands to the Beat Buddy in a given section.

Has anyone ran into this and if so, how were you able to fix it?

Thanks in advance!!!

Are you triggering the transition in the measure before the new part? The transition fill should be the lead in to the new part.

Hi Andrew,
Actually no, I’m triggering the transition on the Solo section where I’d like it to start playing. As mentioned I tried this with and without the transition completed midi command (sending that 0 value) right after the initial transition command.

You have to send CC value 0 to complete the transition otherwise the transition will loop forever.
When you trigger the transition CC 121> 0, the transition starts. When you complete the transition with cc 121 = 0 then the transition plays to the end of that measure and the next part starts on the following measure.
With that in mind, the timing of the commands becomes key.

So if I’m singing a chorus and about to go to the solo, in the last measure of the chorus, I trigger the transition so that the solo starts correctly on the next 1-beat.

Thanks Andrew,
That makes sense. I’ll need to try to place the commands in the previous section to see if that does the trick for the BB. Going to take me a little time to work that out and test it.
I can say that I also have my Pod Go set to record a loop in the same sections as my BB was configured.
That also has a time lag. But it is entirely possible I’m dealing with 2 different issues and haven’t been able to boil it down to that yet. Moving the BB midi commands away from their current section and leaving the Pod Go midi commands should help determine that. Or at a minimum, give me more info to work with.
I was hoping there was an easier way.
Thanks Andrew!!!
Much appreciated!!!

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