Onsong problem

I can’t get OnSong to change songs on my B.B. I’ve done setup correctly but when I get to the MIDI events part, instructions tell me to enter 0 for the MSB, LSB and the program. The problem is that there is no 0 in the program section. It begins with 1. What am I doing wrong?

Hope this helps, I forgot to mention, make sure the BeatBuddy is set to the same channel as the channel you put in the OnSong. IGNORE THE COMMENT ON THE PROGRAM STARTING AT ZERO, IT STARTS AT ONE. Sorry for the confusion.

awesome stuff Larry!

Hey, Larry
I have mine setup exactly like yours:
iPad 1 > PUC+>BB MIDI In> BB MIDI Out> iRig TRS MIDI IN > iRig USB MIDI Out > USB to Lightning > iPad 2.

I am trying to eliminate bluetooth as much as possible and thought it would be great to have iPad 1 plug directly like this:
iPad 1 > iRig TRS MIDI In > iRig TRS MIDI Out or USB In/Out > BB In > BB Out > USB/Lightning>iPad 2.
Cable lengths and gender have been the challenge in this scenario.
Or am I over thinking this here? The PUC+ has been working just fine, but I’ve reading a lot post about bluetooth latency.

Well, the only time I would be concerned about latency in Blue tooth would be controlling tempo change, that is not what i control with my OnSong through Blue tooth. But there is a great Video out that OnSong put out that clears up some things.

Hmmm . . . I do “set” the tempo on the BB using OnSong MIDI Commands. I don’t tap the tempo, I think most the folks on this forum do that, right? Haven’t had too many issues with that. And I also select the Quantiloop preset via OnSong as well. And of course, my AirStomp6 is connected via Bluetooth to my iPad.

How do you set your BB tempo?

Mine are all set through the BeatBuddy. But I’m talking about tempo change, anyway.

So you hardcode them into the song itself on the BB?

Yes, each song is separate, some have introduction, some don’t, different fills, different outros, or none at all, you get the picture

Gotcha. I guess that does simplify the MIDI requirements. So then you just use OnSong to select the folder and song, yes?

Pretty much, and the Quantiloop loops that we are pre record