Onsong tempo issues?

has anyone had issues when sending tempo to beatbussy from Onsong?

I had a scary moment before gig yesterday and it happened on soundcheck too where I load a new song from Onsong and it loads a correct tempo and then changes it to 97. And this happens with every song i select - it loads a correct tempo and after 1 sec it resets to 97.
I had it working perfectly at home, and it did this on soundcheck and just before the gig.

I had a little panic moment, i closed and reopened onsong, turned metronome on off a couple times and it fixed the issue. Still dont know what caused this issue, but it happened twice already.

Do you have the Tempo command active in your OnSong transcriptions, or are your using the Beat Buddy default tempos?

using tempo function in Onsong. It worked great before, but Murphys Law when i got to the gig it started to do this.

Only thing I can suggest is to check your OnSong tempo setting under the Midi Settings with Onsong:

Gear icon>Settings>Midi Settings>Tempo

and verify that the channel selected is the channel that matches your BB Midi Out Channel.

Main Pedal>Midi Settings>Midi Out> Channel

I keep mine set to Channel 5 to keep it away from any other gear I might be using.

Murphy’s Law is right! I have a similar setup to yours using OnSong to control my BB although I don’t control tempo. After several months with no problems suddenly today when I was going to practice my BB only changes songs intermittently when I change songs in OnSong. I reset all the connections, checked my midi in OnSong, checked the BB midi settings, and I see that OnSong is sending data when it changes songs but… the BB only changes songs intermittently. What’s weird is that all the other CC’s work with no problem.

The way my setup works is I press a switch on my midi footswitch, OnSong goes to the Next Song, then the song’s metadata sends whatever CC’s I want to send to the BB.

I remember I had this exact same problem when I first started using midi to control the BB and somehow it went way but I never actually knew why. Now all of a sudden it rears its ugly head again.

At least I can still physically change songs on the BB but as you allude to, it’s very disconcerting when nothing has changed then something just stops working. I know there are midi sniffing tools so I guess I’ll have to get one and see what’s going on. I need to make sure OnSong is sending what it should although I am assuming it is since all the other CC’s it sends work like they should.

I think I found my problem. I was using for example MIDI: 0.0:59@0, CC108:82@0 in the metadata to set the song and the volume on the BB. Apparently my Program Change command works without actually specifying it as a PC which I read somewhere was the default. Once I specifically ID’d it as PC, like MIDI: PC0.0:59@0, CC108:82@0 , my BB started changing songs alongside OnSong again.

Like they say, “When all else fails, read the manual.” Actually it was more as we like to say in the tech field… “It was an I/O error”. Translation: Idiot Operator