Onsong to BB cable

Hi guys, yes I want to connect ipad for onsong to BB what cable do I need prefer direct not wi fi
Ps old ipad, with big charger plug, but I do have camera connector plug…

I’d recommend the IK Multimedia iRig Pro. It comes with both the old and new iPad connections. But, before you jump into this, verify that OnSong still works on your older iPad.

And, as a side note, in another response to you, I mentioned how you can move folders around inside BB Manager. If you are using OnSong to pull up songs, you won’t be able to move folders without messing up your indexing. If you get that far, and want some help, ask.

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Yep, this is such a drag. I cannot believe this hasn’t been addressed. Having a song being managed by it’s position on the BB versus it’s id in the DB or whatever they use to uniquely identify the song is lame. I have over 300 songs I use for gigging…of course due to this limitation I cannot delete songs or change the order because OnSong sends the MIDI message based location(file and song)…I wrote this up ages ago…never addressed.