Onsong wireless midi setup tutorial for BB & VL3

Hi pals,

Here’s a little tutorial I made up, after getting a lot of help from others, wiser than myself in MIDI.

Hope it can help somebody else like myself in the future!

Thanks for the PDF, it helped me greatly. I tried setting up BB with onsong watching the onsong videos and i could not get it to work. I got it kinda working with your setup. but BB doesn’t always switch to the new rhythm. It switches beats but no rhythm. Ive been messing with this thing for hours now. Please Help

So do you mean the tempo doesn’t change when you change your song in Onsong?

Hi all. I’m new to this forum and would like to download the OnSong PDF. The download doesn’t work for me saying the PDF is unavailable. Is there another way to get hold of it please?

Looks like the PDF is gone.