OOPS, What happened?

I was downloading new firmware, went thru the whole process, restarted the beat buddy, and it’s totally empty, I tried numerous times to download the firmware, without success. How can I get everything back into my beat- buddy?

So, “OOPS, what happened?” is an understatement :confused: . . . .

Is anything displayed on the pedal; can you check to see if it at least updated the firmware to 2.0.4? If it didn’t,

  • use your computer SD slot reader and copy the firmware files to the SD card; make sure the SD card is not locked
  • check the firmware version; if it updated, you’ll probably see “No Song” displayed
  • if it didn’t update, erase the contents of the SD card and try again
  • if it still didn’t update, you can either try a new SD card or format the existing SD card to MS-DOS (FAT 32); copy f/w files to SD card

Once you have updated the f/w, from the BBM, File > Export > Project to SD card.

Let us know how it turns out.