op or dop

i have a group of songs, some simply beats that need to start with one press and other songs that start with double press, is it possible to transfor a song in one press, so i can start the song always in this way?

If you want an OPB song to start with a single-tap, use the BBM to swap the Song and NULL to the Intro and Outro sections—ending the song will require a double-tap; if you want to start the song using a double-tap, swap the Song to the Outro section and move the NULL to the Intro.

Why start the song with a single-tap? I do it so I can start my looper with the BB, otherwise, a double-tap would start and immediately stop my looper. This also more naturally follows BB start/stop standards.

Here are some screen shots of the process for converting a song to a single-tap start:
Instead of alt-drag, you could cut and paste.
Don’t forget to save your project.

thanks persist for your detailed explainations, and excuse my poor english i will try to tell why i need this.
i play with a trio group and who use the beatbuddy has one folder insiide it with many songs, some songs are
songs with bass and other instruments created here in this forum, other are simply beats, so when we are playing live
when we play a beats 4/4 that we named for example “let it be” naturally we press one tiime to start, but when we play a
song created ffrom midifile that has DOP we must to remember to press two tiimes… i need for to level all the songs…

there are another problem that by you i solved
i need tto start with 4 sticks of the BB so i have done all the songs not to intro as you suggested but in the main loop so i start with 4 sticks all: beats or songs midi…

There is no automatic process to convert all of your songs. It has to be done for each song using the BeatBuddy Manager.

yes i have understood, but so is very useful and functional for me thanks very much Persist have a nice day