OPB in Into or Part 1 vs Outro

Any advantage between putting OPB in Intro with null in Part 1 vs OPB in Part 1 or in Outro?

If you use a looper, the MIDI sync might work better when the song part is in the Intro; you can start with a single tap and stop with a double tap.

A song part in the Main Drum Loop (MDL) loops continuously until the user intervenes. This works well when a user has the main body of the song in the Intro and a loop for jamming in the MDL.

With the song part in the Outro, starting requires a double tap but the song ends on its own.

Users may have their own pros and cons or preferences.

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I like putting the OPB in the intro with a null in part 1 so i something goes wrong, I can just hit the stop button (or double tap) and it instantly ends.

I do this as well. When I find songs with the full track in the outro I always move it to the intro. I don’t like having to trigger the outro-precicely on time to get it to start on “one”.

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appreciate your help.