OPB midi files Drums prep in DAW (LOGIC X Pro) before export to Midi File

Hi All,

General observation found sounds better if mute HH foot closed off
and then HH closed velocity down to 20 sounds a lot better.

Newb learning how best to learn the art of serving up good midi files to BeatBuddy Manager.

Thanks again for any help.

Andy Ray :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes, it’s all going to depend on the kit. There is no real consistency in the volume levels of the kits.

Hats are a good example for of tones that need remapping or adjusting. Apple’s drummer has both a foot hat and a pedal hat. I usually only have one of those in my kits. So, if Apple drummer creates a groove with the one i didn’t use, say at midi 29, I’ll move that to the hat in my kit at 43?, I think.

Thats good advice, and the midi note numbers you advise in Logic are?
In Logics Piano Roll midi editor if I click on for example a kick drum on C1 Velocity 74, can’t see any midi note number. I’m probably missing something ?
It’s a steep learning curve, but worth the effort.

Andy Ray :cowboy_hat_face:

C1 = 36

C -2 = 0
C -1 = 12
C0 = 24, etc
Up to G8 @ 127.

Search for GM drum chart. It will give you the numbers and standard placements of the drums. That will get you started. Anything below B0, 35, is non standard. Anything above 83 is non standard.

Great advice

Just to confirm C1 = 36 then counts off sequentially up
e.g. C1# = 37 , D1=38 etc ?

Thank you Phil

Andy Ray :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes :grinning: