OPB songs - main loop as intro or outro? Why?

Just curious. I see these done both ways. I have been doing them with the main song in the intro, as that way you start the song, it goes through to the null, and then you can stop whenever. But, I see some with the main loop as outro, which would make you start, then double tap or, press your outro button, and you’re in the main song body which plays and then ends.

What’s your preference? Can you give me a reason for one way over the other?

It depends on your preferences and how you use the pedal. I use it with a looper so that if I had the BB loop in the Outro, double-tapping the BB would start and immediately stop the looper. So I place the loop in the Intro which only requires a single tap to trigger the BB and looper. In the greater scheme of things, it probably doesn’t matter whether the loop is in the Intro or the Outro–it’s still just a workaround for one-press songs.

For me. And I’m fairly new to this. My preference is using the Intro for a OP midi file. I use a Null for main and outro. I like that I have a one push start, when the tune is over BB goes silent. Then I can double tap to “stop”.

I tried using both main and outro for the loop but just find that the intro works for me.

Many songs don’t have a count in beat. Using a count in as the main and the OP song as the outro solves this issue.

OPB songs - How to stop the song cleanly.
I’m a newb and love the Beat Buddy and your excellent Forums has been a real life saver as recently lost both my drummer and bass player after 6 months of rehearsals.

So I’m under pressure of time to go out solo or as duo and BetBuddy is perfect for playing live.
I get the Drum and Bass together in Logic and export to BeatBuddy Manager. Currently OPB song inserted in Intro Fill and Silence of 1 bar (4 HiHats mixed down to near silence) is what I use. When song ends just loops on this 1 bar of Hi - Hat.

Please advise a.s.a.p a gig in one week and lots to programme.

Thanking you in advance. Keep up the great work. BeatBuddy is a life saver.

Andy Ray. :cowboy_hat_face:

When song completes play in the Intro section, it automatically advances to your silent loop. To stop the loop from playing, double-tap the pedal. Out of habit I suppose, I have a duplicate of the silent loop in the Outro section.

Thank you for your reply,

Is the silent loop just 1 blank bar no midi notes?

Andy Ray

It’s gotta have MIDI notes in it at a velocity of 1. Take a look at the attached samples.
Nil is for drum sets where the bass is in the 62-91 range and Nil at 32 is for drum sets with the bass in the 0-31 range.
Nil files.zip (895 Bytes) Nil files.zip

Thank you

will down load and check out your samples.

I’m using Logic Pro X 10.4.4 as my Midi editor. Midi notes are referred to within a range of note of octaves of C (C1-C2 etc)

E.g. kick Drum C1 Sanre next note above (D)

Will it be ok for me to use Logic or do I need to use a specific midi editor?

Logic is fine. It is what Persist and I use.

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I am also new to the BB and now working with OBP songs. I find if I use the Intro Fill or the Outro for the main loop, I am unable to stop the song if I happen to start the wrong one by mistake. I have found that by putting nothing in the Intro, the full song sequence in the Main Drum Loop, and a “dummy” event (low velocity and/or unused note) in the Outro, I can jump out with a double tap (I use the external switch right button) instantly if I start the wrong song or something else goes haywire.

To end the song, I add a few measures of dummy events to the end of the full song sequence. This allows me plenty of time to stop the song after the proper ending with a double tap (or again the external switch right button).

I have practiced this approach through multiple songs now and it seems to work for me. The only down side is if I forget to end the song, the main loop starts the count-in again and proceeds. Worst case, the repeated count-in reminds me to stop the song.

I prefer this approach over not being able to stop the song once it starts. Am I missing something easier?

Whatever works for you. I use the song as Intro approach, with the dummy main loop. If you start the wrong song, you can triple tap to immediate end.

After several attempts to “triple tap to end” with no success, I was just about to call BS when I discovered there was a rather buried pedal setting for this “feature” which is “Disabled” by default. Sigh. I’m really trying to like this device, but it continues to test my patience.

Thanks for the enlightenment.

Also, I am finding that a double tap from an Intro seems to have no effect (eg will not trigger the Outro). Works fine from the Main Loop. However, when I set the external switch right button to Outro, it seems to trigger the Outro from both the Intro or the Main Loop. I’ve tested this several times. Hmmm.