OPB standard, is it 0-31?

Hello friends. Of all the user songs on this fantastic forum, is the lower bass register more popular for users?

I’m looking to shortly converting many 100s of my own, and it would be relevant for me to provide what the majority of owners use

Is it because the upper register can use keys etc?

I like the bass in the 0-31 octaves because I don’t have to adjust the drums as it means one less step to perform when transcribing songs.

I also prefer the 0-31 range for bass. To me it made more sense to have the Bass below the drums, and it kept the full General Midi drum rage open to drums, for those times when drums in the 62-81 range were needed for the arrangement. Also, as you pointed out, having the bass at 0-31 opens up the possibility of using 60-127 for keyboards or other instruments, when the Latin drums are not required.

I’m opposite, I use 62-91 in the kits i use. I program all my own beats though so it’s not an issue for me. If I was using other peoples songs then it would be an issue. I think a majority of people probably use the 0-31 range though.