Opensource Beatbuddy

we need some way to organize the opensource beatbuddy initiative… can we get a dedicated forum, or pinned thread, or whatever internetForum kind of thing needs to happen? :slight_smile:

My two first issues: rip out the midi editor? (YES! sorry daef!), and, I have tons of java classes, methods, libs, etc, already written… who wants to head down THAT path with me?


Is there an opensource QT? the only thing i’ve seen is that anyone who wants to contribute to a QT project has to make a SIGNIFICANT invest ($400+) just to have the editor (which includes many embedded required libs).

Also, a technical detail: The BBManager contains a built in version of the “player” which is also embedded (using slightly different code unfortunately) into the firmware. Where is the line being drawn with that? Is the open source BBManager slave to a proprietary firmware?

Would a separate forum category work?

Yes it would work, but also everyone that knows how to use git is welcome to read the CONTRIBUTING rules in the repository to see how can they make proposals and/or report unexpected behavior.

Thank you.

Is SS offering QT access to contributors? Any other answers to the OP’s questions?

Here are the rest of the answers:

  • The midi editor is something we are working on, stay tuned for news about that.
  • We use the GPL license, as you can see here you can contribute to a Qt project with that license.
  • The player might share some logic with the firmware, but due to the nature of the platforms where they run, they don’t use the same code or logic, and often the code will be different.

Thank you all for your interest!


Has anyone managed to get this running on a Mac?

Hey guys,
just a quick note here. I have started on visual redesign of the BB Manager, as well as on how I believe it should function. I will soon make a more detailed post with my proposals, suggestions, and approach so that we can get user feedback before coding. Teaser: it needs to be as user-friendly and as easy to use as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds great. At this point I care more about a version that syncs reliably…

I might try Mac soon. My end goal is to get it working on an iPad Pro.

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Yes it would great to see the design before coding started…


How will we know whether our ptoposal are being considered…

I have done some proposition before. Now I came along to those new one:

  1. when deleting a song, the pop up message must contain the name of the song we are deleting. Just to make sure it is the right song we are deleting.

  2. should be able to import an instrument with all its setting from a drumset while editing a pattern

  3. loop shiuld be available while editing a pattern

  4. pop up message whether you wish to quantize should in preference and not each time you start editing a pattern

  5. say you have hi-hat (time signatue 4/4)
    Measure 8: 45 35 55 25 35…etc
    If i need to reduce the velocity by 5, i need to go through all these values. I think it will be nice if there is an option to increase or decrease the velocity of an instrument as a whole but at the same time by keeping the difference between the beats.

  6. I think it will nice also to find a way to increase or decrease the velocity of the whole song also so that we don’t need to go through all these values

  7. of course it is a must to have copy and paste option in the pattern editing. There must be the option to use the mouse select, click and hold. That is select a measure with the mouse, click and hold to put it before or after.

I think all the proposal shoukd be displayed somewhere so that we did not repeat the same thing each time. And the list should be updated each time someone make a proposal. Thanks

Please do not repeat your posts made in other threads. I have removed your other posts. Thank you

You can check the features / issues on the GitHub repository’s issues page


Anybody have a build for Windows? I’ll be happy to test it, thanks!

I could build the windows version (and it ran) but the deployment step failed. Seemed not to include necessary dependent libraries. It’s possible i did something wrong. I’ll try again sometime.

I have built it and run it on Windows 10 and it seems to work fine but it’s the deployment step that didn’t work for me

windeployqt.exe --quick .

I was going to post a build for fled, but this failure prevented that

Thanks @ghostofweedon for trying. Hopefully someone who deployed it successfully could chime in.

Any time scale on the availability of the new open source BBM?