Option to set clock only on MIDI out

I am trying to use my BeatBuddy as a MIDI master clock for my Arturia Microbrute analog synth. The problem is that when I hook it up, it also triggers notes. This makes ir pretty much unusable for MIDI clock sync with devices that respond to MIDI notes.

I would love to be able to set clock sync only on MIDI out and also an option to select MIDI channel.

As a temporal workaround, you may use an older firmware with your BeatBuddy, as it started spewing MIDI notes only in the newest firmware.
You can download firmware version 1.4.0 from my Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9LXvRHhc7bHZlNrbzRSVDhHVGc

It is totally safe to either upgrade or downgrade the firmware version - simply follow the usual instructions.
Place app.bin, boot.bin and MLO.bin to the pedal SD card and don’t power your unit off until the firmware update is finished.

I actually managed to fix it, as Beatbuddy notes are only in midi channel 1, while clock signals apparently are not bound to channels. I’d still like the above feature for future flexibility, though.

Slightly shifting topic: this has given me the idea that one could use the BeatBuddy to send certain notes not assigned to a drum kit that would then trigger a sequencer to play a specific sequence.

If done properly, this could bring the flexibility and simplicity of the BB pedal triggering beyond just switching between different drum patterns.

I did some brief testing in Ableton Live and… success! I’ll do a short write-up in a new thread in the next few days to explain the details.