Option to “silently start” BB for Sync with loopers

I am currently trying to work out a suitable configuration between the BB, morning star, and my RC-500.

It seem pretty easy to start a song with the BB and looper on the down beat in order to keep them in sync,

However, its MUCH harder to keep the BB in sync with the looper if the looper starts first without the BB playing.

What I am suggesting is an option similar to the mute/pause command which silences the BB audio, but keeps the metronome running in sync with the midi clock.

So essentially a “muted start” command or a “silent start” command where the clock on the beat buddy is STARTED, but the audio is immediately muted so that it cannot be heard at all.

This way I can start a song on the looper with the beat buddy in sync to that, and then, when I am ready to introduce drums into the song, I can hit unpause and the beat buddy would be in sync with my looper.

I think this would be a fairly easy feature to implement because it is essentially already being down with mute/pause.

ANOTHER option could be to use the “mute” command as a type of “toggle” where sending a command would set the mix amount to “0”; but there would need to be some sort of toggle CC value which would restore the mix amount to the previous value;

So for instance, if the mix volume was 70%, and the mute command was activated making it 0%; hitting the mute toggle would cause the mix volume to go back to 70% again.

So this also could be used to implement the feature that I would need,

But I also believe a “silent start” command where the BB clock starts but the audio is mute paused would be the BEST option.

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Why not just use CC108 for BB volume to set the volume to 0 and to the typical value you use say 70? You could essentially mute it by doing this