Optional Ending without the Outro

Many of the songs I use do not end with dramatic outros. Them simply end on a note that revolves the song. After about 12 hours with my new BB I have found a way to end songs without using the built in outro. When playing that last note/beat strike both foot switches at the same time, thus pausing and playing a cymbal crash at the same time. (my foot switch is right/pause left/cymbal crash) Then, with the song paused I have my main pedal set to end song by pressing and holding.

Its not a permanent solution to what I need but with lots of practice it will be a nice practical solution.


nice method
but you do you have any idea to start an intro in different way

There are new options in the BeatBuddy main menu for you to play with - please check them out! You’ll be able to setup intros and outros behavior to your liking in the new firmware version!

I need a kill switch should a train wreck occur in the middle of a song on stage. I realize and have set my bb footswitch to pause but I would prefer to hit the switch again and begin on the 1 beat. The outro’s need an option to delete similar to the intro deletion option. I wish you posted an online user manual (for Dummies) I wish you included a dedicated software-bb manager and manual CD with my purchase

Is there a “trash can” ending? If not, we need that too :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the “No Outro” option in the new firmware. Am I missing something? I really need to be able to avoid the Outro as I often stop the beat during a song, and then restart it. The Pause function is problematic, as if I don’t pause precisely, when I come back in it will be off beat.

Looks like I am wrong on the “No Outro” feature - it simply didn’t make it to the released firmware.

As for the Pause function - most likely you use an Active (or Mute) Pause (w/e it’s called). Try toggling it - pedal Main Menu > Main Pedal > Mute Pause. I say this by heart without checking to the actual pedal now, so I can be slightly incorrect, but I hope you’ll be able to figure it out!

Are there plans to include it in the next firmware update?

The team should actually balance between having options and having too many options.
As far as I recall, the last discussion ended with “No Outro” is not a necessary option. Pause then Pedal Hold is enough to do this very action.

Understood, although that would seem to be an option would be basic, esp. if a user doesn’t have the extension pedal available. Consider this a vote for that feature.

For now, I’ll pout (and learn to work with what’s there).

You can’t pause without the external pedal. I say this a lot but I would like a way to stop the BB from the foot switch following a pause. I sometimes just use the outro as a fill and then finish later on or when things go wrong (band not in sync or wrong song playing) press pause to end “train wreck”, how do I now start the next song when the BB is in Pause without manually bending down and changing the song? Especially as I have my BB configured to start on first press? Or another solution would be to be able to start the BB from the foot switch I could then pause with the foot switch and by holding down the main pedal stop it so I then can move to the next song with bending down.

Hey I recently found something when I turned off the intro function which is called triple tap stop. I’m guessing it allows you to stop (with no outro) using BB pedal. It is set in the off position by default so you need to turn it on to activate it. I don’t know what else that would be for…

I’ll actually try it out and report my findings…

It takes 3 VERY quick taps, but yes, it stops.