Organization of the Forum: Aeros Feature Requests

Please refer to the new tagging rules for the forum.

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Hey all,

I will be gradually going through the forum and tagging all the feature requests with the following tags:

  • under-consideration

  • in-dev-timeline

  • implemented

  • considered

This is in the hopes of both reviewing all the requests made, and also giving a little more clarity on what we are planning on doing.

Please note, I will only be tagging the request made by OP in first post. Requests made in the process of the discussion of the request(s) will not be considered while tagging.

If it is a batch request by OP, I will tag with all relevant tags, and then comment and specify which ones fall into which category.

Keep Rockin’ :sunglasses:


Waiting patiently to see if my request is flagged! :slight_smile:

I already said that I thought it was on principle a good idea, nevertheless, I think each label needs to be clarified:


What is the exact meaning ? Is there someone currently assessing feasibility, dev cost, overlap with something else ? If so I guess this should be a very transient status, and very quickly changed into rejected or ? in-dev-timeline ? considered ?
Or is it a flag to say that, eventually one day, someone will do that assessment ?


Which timeline are we discussing there ? Next release ? next quarter ? next year ?


When you say completed, I guess it’s from your own point of view… It means you consider your own job/actions on that topic over, no ? Then I would prefer to see it from the user perspective, and from the user perspective, it is either done, not yet done, or rejected…
And even if we consider completed as the status once the dev is done… Is it when the code is done, when it’s released in a beta, when it’s released in a official OTA firmware ?


I’m sorry but what does it mean considered ? Is it yes we do it, yes we will do it, yes we have done it ?

As now it seems you have chosen the tagging version over the rolling release log approach that I suggested too, you may honestly have a look at the tags and workflow I proposed at that time (you can even tag this topic as duplicate of that former :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and only adopt the release and bugs workflow part if you don’t want the categorization aspect… It’s far more precise than what you propose while requiring the same amount of work on your side…

Concerning the under consideration / considered tag, unless you consider that under consideration is the transient status while someone actually assesses the proposal, I think it’s a useless status… It is actually the status when the topic is created, until someone from Singular Sound explicitly accepts or rejects its (following principles described)…
And then the considered status is a fuzzy mix of accepted, rejected.

My conclusion to this is that, if your goal is to clarify your deliveries and actions, please adopt a meaningful documented set of tags and workflows…

I will do that same comment to the bug request document you posted?

Please refer to the new tagging rules for the forum.

Please continue all discussion on the subject in that post, thank you.