Organizing the drumset folder

Can I organize my folder in the drumset, what I mean by this is drag and drop like we can in the song folders, this way I can put them into some type of an order. hope this makes sense.

They’re in alphabetical order now, if you want to arrange them you’ll have to rename them, with a number in fron,t or a word of the catagory you want to be part of. However this will affect the songs, I think, because the drumsets are connected to the drumset. But maybe someone else has a better solution

They are not in alphabetical order in the drop down list, I was wondering if I could manage that dropdown myself or if that list is just how it is.

Ok, I just looked at them in the BB manager, and assumed they were in the same order in the BB.
I took a look where the order of the drumsets is kept. I found the file in the project\drumset directory.
The file is config.csv, all the drumsets you have selected are in that file, with an additional number.
This is a guess of mine, but if you change that number the order of the drumsets will change accordingly.
In the config file you see something like
D7E852D5.DRM,1. Brushes
977B149C.DRM,2. Rock
8C853BF2.DRM,3. World Percussion 1.1
8DB3564A.DRM,4. Studio Legend
The first numbers like D7E852D5.DRM don’t change that, that is how the BB knows what drumset it is, but the number after that is the order, after that it’s the name of the drumset.
So If you change, let’s say D7E852D5.DRM,1. Brushes to D7E852D5.DRM,2 Brushes and you change
977B149C.DRM,2. Rock to 977B149C.DRM,1. Rock the two should have switched placed. You’ll probably have to quit the program and startup again to have it effect. And after that you’ll have to synchronize the BB to see it. Or copy the config file to the BB.
Note, this is all guessing on my part, but you can try.
Good luck

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