Original Drum Kits

Been using the BB for over 4 years now & still use the Rock v1.1 kit in several songs
Last week, all those songs developed a “noise” & are basically useless unless I chose a different kit which I do not want to do.
Hundreds of other songs using the Metal, Standard & Latin kits etc still play OK
I use 3 different SD cards & all are the same. They all get synchronized regularly as we add new songs.
My “Rock 1.1.DRM” file on the PC is dated 2018 & must have gotten corrupted?
I cannot figure out where to re-download it & copy it over the old one
(if that is the way to fix this)

I’ll give you instructions here, in a bit. I gotta get to my desktop. What you are going to is delete the existing kit, and then install the replacement kit.

Ok, first you’ll delete the existing Rock v1.1 kit. Find a song that uses any other kit, and select that song in BB Manager. Then Click on the Drum Sets header tab in BB Manager to display your list of kits.


Click on the kit name for the Rock V1.1 kit. In your BB it will either show as Rock V1.1 or just as Rock. On the upper menu bar, Go to Drumsets>Delete Drumset. If Delete Drumset is greyed out, you will need to select another kit first to make it active, and then click on Rock v1.1

Once the kit is deleted, you can replace it with a fresh copy of Rock v1.1. Here is a link to the kit:

Download and unzip the kit. Then from BB Manager’s upper menu bar, go to File>Import>Drumset, and select the .drm file that you just made after expanding the .zip. This will add the drumset to the bottom of your drumsets list within BB Manager. Click the box in front of its name. the kit will now be ready for use. If all went well, any song that used the old Rock v1.1 should automatically point to this kit. But, if not, i.e, in your songs the kit has a asterisk in front of its name, you will need to select the kit from the Default Drum Set drop down within any affected songs.


Good luck!

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