OT: Forum will not retain login status?

For some reason the forum software will not retain my login status! I continually check the box to stay logged in but it never seems to work.

Any ideas?


OH and the watched thread option doesn’t work either! Have not received any emails regarding any threads I have marked as watched + receive email notifications.

Might be a browser setting on your device with Cookies.

Submitted for web admin to look into.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

My watched threads sometimes go to spam. Check that.

Thanks Phil, no nothing in spam either: interesting thing though, this morning, well just now really, I went to the fav link and this forum decided to rememebr me after all and I din’t need to re-log back in?? Weird :smiley:

Admin folks are looking at your account. You can try logging out and then back into the forum. Change some of your watched threads and see if you get any notifications.

thanks persist (FWIW I have logged in and out several times haha), now, this time I clicked the favs tab to go to the forum and this time it did NOT remember me??!! It was only about an hour ago it DID :smiley: