Other options - Backing Tracks

I realise that I might be told off for this, but prior to getting a BeatBuddy my duo used to use WAV. backing tracks. I produced them all from MIDI files and added real guitar / banjo / squeezebox / backing vocals.

I found a great way to play them at gigs. If you have an Android Tablet / Phone, check out Songer Pro on the Google App Store.

The only thing I found, was that backing tracks, no matter how good they are - are not as dynamic as a live performance. The closest you can get is to use a BeatBuddy. And most people would have to pay a load of money for the backing tracks.

The other thing is that with backing tracks, there is no ‘second chance’ if your vocals come in too early or too late. At a New Years Eve gig 2018, our lead vocalist made six attempts to come in at the right place of Del Shannon’s ’ Runaway '.

I was dying of embarrassment and frustration, so at that point I swore that I would never use backing tracks again.

here’s a link to some demo tracks we did…
Sixties Beat