Out of sync placement of fill within measure when pressing pedal

Saw the BB at this years NAMM, ordered one rightaway when back home.
A feature that I really liked when it was shown at the show was the placement of fills at the end of the running measure, regardless of when you pressed the pedal within a measure. This being helpful, so you won’t have to be spot on with pressing the pedal, the feature taking care of correct placement, AT THE END OF MEASURE, before continuing with the next one.
Well, the pedal I received doesn’t do that !
It places the fill whenever I press the pedal once, which defies the purpose. Now I HAVE TO BE spot-on.
Is that sthg. that can be changed in the BB somewhere in a setup section? I’m running latest firmware, 1.2.9.
Sent an email to Tech Support, but no answer.
That"s another issue. No phone number on the website, no prompt response from tech support.
Is the forum my best bet?

Yes :slight_smile:

The feature you seek is the Queue Period setting. It can be directly changed in the pedal. Enter Settings Menu by pressing both Tempo and Drumset knobs at the same time.

You can also use search here on the forum:
http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?search/32759/&q=Queue Period&t=post&o=date&c[user][0]=54
Choose one :slight_smile:

I hope this will help you find out what this setting does and how to handle it properly. Have fun with your BeatBuddy!

Thx, I tried
Pressing both buttons simultaneously, -> Main Pedal -> Queue Fill Period, then see options in percentage.
It is currently set at 75%.
What do the different percentages achieve, what shall I choose to place a fill at the end of a measure?

Did you follow the link I’ve provided to read about Queue Period?

Let’s try again.







I would also suggest reading the BeatBuddy manual, a link to it is in my signature. Maybe you can post a link to a video so we can see what it is doing.

The way I read the question is that axelB only wants a fill at the ‘end of measure’ regardless of when he presses the pedal during the measure. AxelB-Does that mean you only want a fill on beat 4 of a 4/4 measure even if you press the pedal on beats 1 or 2 or 3? As far as I know you can’t really do that. The fill is going to logically start as soon after pressing the pedal as possible. If I want a fill on beat 4 I am pressing the pedal on beat 3 or slightly after.

Hey, @mkjski!
Actually, what you say is indeed possible. If you rock a 4/4 bar, and you want the fill to start on the next bar almost no matter when you press the pedal on the current bar, set Queue Period as low as possible - at 25%. That way if you press on count 2 or 3 or right before 4 - your fill will get properly queued to the next bar. Only if you initiate fill before count 1, it will fire immediately. Slightly after 1 - it will get queued.

Hope this helps.

Yes I agree with you. That is definitely possible. I still think the OP wants a fill to occur at the end of the measure (like a fill on beat 4 only) regardless when he triggers the pedal.

In this case, you can make a MIDI pattern for a fill, that replicates the main bar but has special “fill” only in the last quarter. In this case you also do not need to employ Queue Period at all.

I still don’t understand the question or the request. I assume @Axel B. tried out the pedal at NAMM and didn’t just go by the demonstration which most likely were pre-programmed songs. Having said that the queue period is best described in the manual -

Main Pedal > Queue Fill Period: This allows you to set the amount of the measure that has been played before the fill is played in the next measure, rather than in the current one. So if the setting is at 75%, and you tap the pedal before 75% of the measure has been played, then the fill will start immediately and end in the current measure. If you tap the pedal after 75% of the measure has been played, it will wait until the next measure to play the fill.

How this works in practise on a 4/4 beat is if the setting is at 75% and I press the pedal on the last beat of the bar it will play the full bar fill in the next measure, if I press it 2 beats before, the last 2 beats of the fill will play. So if you want the full bar fill every time, you need to be acurate, however not all drum fills a drummer plays are 1 bar long and as long as you press the pedal before the last beat of the measure, the fill will end at the end of the current bar - staying in sync.