output mix with drums left and cymbals right

it would be nice to be able to separate the drums and the cymbals in the output.
This would allow different eq of the different parts.
Ideally ( like I do with my roland td12 )
separate out the kick, snare, toms and cymbals.
this would require separate mix to left right output and left right of headphones to use all four outputs.

Nice idea, Voicelive3 have done that sort of thing on their last update. Very pro

You can build a kit with a left/right split, but there is no provision for separate mixes for the line outputs vs. the headphones. The left/right split has to be done during the kit construction process. You could place the instruments anywhere you want in the pan. Jim Jacobson has a variation on one of my kits with, if I recall correctly, bass right, piano left, and drums centered. There is no reason you couldn’t make a just drums kit with the instruments spread through the stereo field.

I had made a similar request that a pan control be added to the drum details in the drum kit builder. This would achieve the same result, but could be done with existing kits rather than with non-adjustable placement in the kit building process.