Outro after pause ?

Hello all

I am not a big user/fan of OPB songs, so I keep using my BB as it was originally designed for, with intro, loops for verses and chorus, fills and outro.

Using a footswitch I am able to pause and unpause.

However, for some songs I need to play the outro without unpausing. I seems very complciated as if not fast enough in my double tap, it goes back to the last loop before moving to the outro.

Sorry for being so detailed. My question is : is there a trick to do it more efficiently?

Phil from France

Hey there,

We will have options available in BB version 3.9.x to solve for commands being sent during paused state, if you set BB to outro enable, and one footswitch is set to outro during playback, you can also do this by sending a MIDI outro (CC115 value 1) command. The version where this is functioning is in testing alpha stage and will hopefully be available as a beta very soon.

Thanks for your question!